LUGUNDTRUG was founded in 2007 by the VFX-artists Stefan Kessner and Max Stolzenberg. Situated in Berlin and Cologne LUGUNDTRUG is dedicated to high end visual effects for feature film, commercial and event. We are open for cinema and TV productions as well as small web formats and large-scale corporate events.

With high expertise we love to help you bring any crazy idea to life, whether it needs to be photorealistic or completely invented. We support you and your project from the first vague idea to its final approval. From one single shot to an entire feature. We listen, think, rethink and find the best solution in terms of quality, timing and budget. We develop a plan for the artistic and technical realization underlined with detailed breakdowns, previz and set-supervision. We synchronize our work with other departments in pre- and postproduction and stay in close contact at all times.

Our Team

Max Stolzenberg, Stefan Kessner and Markus Hauf are the troupers of the team. They will be your counselors and your comrades and make sure that the pictures in your mind will be transported onto the screen. We have a very talented and unique artist crew inhouse that will bring your picture to life. Last but not least, a great pool of excellent freelance artists works with us whenever support is needed.

Our Work

With more than 20 years of experience in the broad field of computer generated images, we had the chance to be involved in many different missions. We created characters, made water run or fly through the air and extended sets and crowds. We enjoy tweaking each single pixel in grand explosions, fire, smoke or snow bursts to make an impossible trick look real.

Aside classical visual effects work we look back on groundbreaking and award-winning event and exhibition work. We create sophisticated concepts and show-animations for A-class events all around the world. Here, we currently concentrate on high-end projects for automotive, entertainment and education.

To be able to offer state of the art solutions at any time, we attentively keep track on new technologies and constantly update our pipeline tools. We have never stopped being curious and playful about it. Therefore, we couldn’t restrain from extending into virtual reality. So if you have an idea that you want to be put into practice, come talk to us, we’ll find the right approach for realization.